If you’re all about excelling at your job, you know the importance of looking presentable. If you don’t have too much time to spend on looking beautiful, here are our top 5 beauty and makeup hacks for the woman on the go!

Shirley Mistry

Sep 20, 2016

Pick waterproof products

Instead of choosing regular formulae that may melt or fade as the day progresses, pick beauty and skincare products that have a waterproof finish. This will ensure that your makeup looks perfect all through the day. It is a simple move that will keep your eyeliner looking razor sharp, even at 6pm!

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Use a powder cream

If you have only 10 minutes to apply your skincare and makeup products, invest in one that multitasks. The Fair & Lovely Powder Cream is our recommendation because it gives you the benefits of a fairness cream and sets it in place with a brightening powder to give you a matte finish, eliminating one step from your morning routine. Moreover, it has a lightweight, silky texture which means you can blend it into your skin in just a few seconds and set your look for 14 hours! The ultimate hack!

Keep a miniature bottle of hair serum handy

If your hair gets frizzy during the latter part of the day, keep a small bottle of hair serum handy to make your fly-aways disappear. You can also massage a small amount into the ends of your hair to make it look shiny and hydrated if your hair looks dry and is prone to breakage, especially due to excessive exposure to air conditioning.

Keep your eyes bright and alert

If your eyes look dull and tired in the latter part of the day, a little concealer can solve all your problems. Apply it in a shade lighter than your skin tone in a V shape under your eyes. It will hide your dark circles, brighten the area and make you look more awake and alert!

Make your lipstick last longer!

If you drink several cups of tea or coffee through the day or are constantly munching on snacks, your lipstick is the first to fade from your lips. If reapplying your lipstick through the day is tedious and time-consuming, increase the wear of your favourite shade by using this simple trick. Apply one coat of lipstick, and press a single layer of tissue over it. Now, through the tissue, dust a thin layer of face powder on to the lip region. Remove the tissue, reapply the lipstick and repeat this procedure. Not only will this make your lipstick non-transferable to a great extent, it will also make it beautifully matte.