Everyone likes to take their own sweet time to meticulously choose outfits, but on days when you have to make a dash to a get-together or a celebration right after work, you simply don’t have the time. For days like these, here’s how to transform your day look into a night look!

Karishma Rawat

Jul 18, 2016

Pick statement jewellery

Add a piece of statement jewellery to your day outfit to make it night appropriate. Bling up a basic outfit with stunning earrings, a bold necklace or a wide cuff. And of course, when it comes to accessorising, the rule is to not go overboard and pick only one or two pieces.

Always turn to your BB Cream

Apply a BB cream to even out your skin and set the base with a pressed powder for a long-lasting finish. Try the Fair and Lovely BB Cream, which brings together the benefits of a foundation and a fairness cream. To amp up your look instantly, apply a bold color to your pout. Try a deep berry red because it is a fuss-free color that will stay put for hours. Personally, I opt for liquid lipsticks with a matte finish for fuss-free and long-lasting application.


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Change your shoes

Switch your flats for a pair of pumps. A good pair of heels can dress up even the most casual outfit. You could also try shoes with interchangeable heels to cater to your office and party needs without carrying two pairs of shoes. Sounds like a lifesaver, doesn’t it?

Pick the right hairstyle

Assess the temperament of your hair on that particular day and see if it would be better to tie it up or let it down. Nine out of 10 times, I leave my hair open for a night out. But, if your hair has decided to betray you and there is no time to go over it with a straightening iron, pulling your hair back into a chic and elegant bun will help you bring your stylish look together. Keep a travel-friendly bottle of hair serum or hair wax in your bag to take care of the stray, frizzy baby hair just before you leave the office.

Enhance your eye makeup

If you’re feeling extra fancy and have 10 minutes to spare, go ahead and apply some eye makeup. Never opt for liquid eyeliners when you’re in a hurry (we all know they are a nightmare to fix if you make a mess!). Instead, I take a wet angular brush, dip it in black eye-shadow and line my eyes with it. Try it! This will give you better control of your eyeliner application and is also quite easy to fix with a Q-tip if you make a mistake. Now it's time to load up on mascara!

Pro tip: Layer waterproof mascara on top of your regular mascara to get thicker, longer lashes. Also, the mascara will be easier to take off at the end of the day because of the layering!