We’re sure you look fresh-faced right when you apply your makeup in the morning at 8am. However, by the time you reach office and get on with your work, you realise it’s 4pm, your makeup has melted and you have one more thing on your worry list. Want to solve your woes with just one product?

Shirley Mistry

Sep 20, 2016

Quick-fix skin and makeup solutions are just what every working girl must be armed with to look her best at the office. Whether it is melting makeup, a heavy or cakey texture or an oily finish, we are sure that you’ve been a victim to these common makeup woes. What’s our one-stop solution to solve them? The Fair & Lovely Powder Cream! Why? Read on and find out.

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It all melts away!

You spend precious minutes in the morning perfecting your skincare and makeup routine and by the time you get settled at your desk, your makeup not only looks faded, but also looks like it has melted all over. Been through this? Well, with this innovative powder cream, you don’t have to worry about makeup sliding off your face! It contains a finely milled loose powder that fixes your fairness in place.

Your base looks overly cakey and powdery

Most mornings you go through your skincare and makeup routine in a rush. As a result your products haven’t had a chance to blend with your skin, giving you an uneven application. This makes your skin look cakey and powdery. Our only piece of advice is to switch to Fair & Lovely’s Powder Cream and see the difference yourself! It has a silky touch that allows it to blend into your skin extremely easily, giving you an even, natural finish.

Dust, heat and pollution make your skin oily

Anyone who travels long distances to get to work is familiar with their skincare or makeup melting off in a matter of minutes. The dust, heat and pollution make your face oily in no time, but if you have the Fair & Lovely Powder Cream on, it will stop your skin from seeming greasy. The powder makes sure your skin looks absolutely matte, even when you’re out and about.

Your skin looks dull and sallow

If dull skin is your biggest worry, fret not, because your colleague next to you is probably feeling the same way. Air-conditioning and even stress can cause your skin to lose its glow! Give it a little extra help with this powder cream. Not only does the finely-milled setting powder brighten your skin, the cream in itself is infused with fairness actives that make your skin fair and bright from within.

Your makeup looks heavy and put on

In a desperate attempt to make your makeup last all day, we’re sure you’ve applied a little more skincare products and makeup than you intended to! While it may seem like a good idea at the time, soon enough your face will look heavy and put on. With this unique product, you won’t have to worry about streaky, heavy-handed application. The cream is infused with lightweight brightening powder that gives you a smooth, airbrushed finish!

Sounds magical, right? Who knew just a pea-sized amount of powder cream applied in the morning will set your skin for the entire day, come what may? All you need to do is dab the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream lightly on the most oily parts of your face first, like your forehead, nose and chin. Now you’re ready to face the day with an instantly fairer and brighter outlook!