If you feel your fairness fades as the day progresses, this miracle product will help you look flawless at work from dawn to dusk

Shirley Mistry

Sep 20, 2016

If you envy colleagues who look fresh even at 7pm every day, here’s the secret to look just as flawless as them: simply switch to a powder cream! The Fair & Lovely Powder Cream combines the benefits of a powder with a fairness cream. Not only does it give you even-toned fair skin, it also sets it place with the help of a brightening powder.

Intrigued to find out what else this cream can do? Read on!

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Fair & Lovely
Powder Cream
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Sets your look for up to 14 hours

What if we told you that you can say goodbye to touch-ups every two hours? Wouldn’t that be simply amazing? With Fair & Lovely’s Powder Cream you can look forward to powering through your day without stopping for touch-ups. It is extremely long-lasting and keeps your look intact for up to 14 hours, making it a skincare product that works just as hard as you! Meetings, presentations and brainstorming ideas—this cream will help you survive it all.

Set it and forget it, no matter what the weather’s like

If you have a field job, you know how difficult it is to look presentable when you’re exposed to the harsh sun and severe humidity. If you find that your skin looks dull and lifeless thanks to a film of sweat, dust and dirt sticking to it, this cream will work as your shield. Once applied, it sets your fairness and locks it place even if it is attacked to make you look cool, calm and oh-so-pretty. So now, on days when you have to visit multiple locations, touching up your fairness is one less thing to worry about!

Makes you look fair and fresh, every hour of the day!

Just like you juggle several tasks in a single day, this powder cream multitasks too. It gives you the benefits of a fairness cream with it’s fairness actives and then to make sure that your makeup doesn’t melt off your face, it sets it in place with a finely-milled powder. Not only does this powder brighten your face, it is also lightweight, making sure it locks your skin’s fair look without making your face cakey.

So, if you’re looking to boost the benefits of your fairness cream, why not switch to the Fair & Lovely Powder Cream? After all, everyone deserves a little extra TLC!