From giving you dull, oily skin to making your hair frizzy and unmanageable—if you’re not careful, the humidity can severely affect your appearance. But fret not because we’re sharing our top skincare and hair care tips with you especially to fight the humidity.

Shirley Mistry

Sep 20, 2016

While monsoon showers are just what everyone wants to cool off after a hot summer, the humidity that comes along with it is not something any girl looks forward to. With these 5 guidelines, you’ll be able to ace your office look, no matter what the level of humidity is!

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Choose a deep-cleansing facewash

While your mornings may be rushed, we recommend that every evening you take the time to thoroughly clean your face. The Fair & Lovely Fairness Clean up Face Wash gives you a parlour-like cleanup at home by removing dirt, oil and pollution from deep within your skin. In fact, it cleanses and massages your face and exfoliates dead skin too. Once your pores are clean, you won’t have to worry about the humidity making your skin seem oily.

Want to see how to use the facewash? Watch this video.

Set your fairness

Your fairness cream will help keep your skin moisturised and clear, but does it keep your skin from looking shiny and oily during the rains? To effectively stop the humidity from bothering your skin, making it feel sweaty and look like your cream and makeup has melted, apply a thin layer of the Fair & Lovely Powder Cream. It combines the benefits of a brightening powder with a fairness cream and keeps your complexion looking ‘set’ for 14 hours. You don’t have to reapply it because it is resistant to sweat, oil and pollution and will keep your fairness locked in place no matter what the weather. Isn’t that amazing?

Tie your hair up & invest in the right products

Letting your hair down in the monsoons makes it prone to frizziness. Humidity can also make your scalp oily. Instead, pick styles where your hair is tied. A bun, a French braid, or even a simple ponytail will prevent your hair from making you feel hot and uncomfortable, keep it free from frizz and reduce hair fall. If you have hair that is curly or frizzy naturally, humidity will only make it worse. So what you need are products like a good anti-frizz spray or a dry shampoo.

Don’t forget to oil! 

Oiling your hair is like giving it a deep-conditioning treatment. The humidity can really damage the quality of your hair, making it weak and prone to breakage. Oiling it once a week will help you sport thick, shiny hair come what may!

So now that you’re armed with these tips, you can go to work everyday with a spring in your step, no matter how hard it’s raining outside!