Is dirt, pollution and grime stealing away your natural fairness? Here’s how you can fight it without investing in a pricey parlour clean-up!

Jul 21, 2016

You can’t avoid dirt, dust, pollution, but you can definitely stop your skin from looking oily, dull and dark because of it! While wipes and soap may offer temporary relief, they dry your skin out and don’t clean your skin from deep within.

What should you do? The answer is simple! Just add Fair & Lovely Fairness Clean up Face Wash to your skincare regime for a parlour like clean-up, every single day. It cleanses your skin from deep within, exfoliates dead skin and massages it to reveal fairer skin—all in one step! Also, its rich creamy lather is gentle on your skin and very moisturising too.

Watch our Beauty On Duty bloggers Kritika and Priyal give you the ultimate quick-fix solution to get a parlour clean-up like fairness every day right at home.

Watch this video to find out more:

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